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Emerald Cat Club October 14-15, 2017

Showhall: Columbia County Fairgrounds 58892 Saulser Rd, St Helens, OR 97051
B. Moser(AB), P. Moser(AB), Fuller(AB), Harding(AB), Helmrich(AB), Jaeger(AB), Quigley(LH/SH), Ganoe(LH/SH)
6 AB / 2 SP / 8 HHP 
225 entry limit 

LostWoods Lacey of Gaudeas

From Washington litter of LostWoods
Silver Mackerel Patch Tabby & white girl

Sire: CH LostWoods StarSong Finale
Dam: LostWoods Rosemary

Breeder: Lisa S Vasa, LostWoods

Owner: H Choi, Gaudeas

DOB: Apr 30th 2017

P. Moser(AB)    7th Best AB Kitten

Fuller(AB)         3rd Best AB Kitten

Harding(AB)     7th Best AB Kitten

Helmrich(AB)   3rd Best AB Kitten

Jaeger(AB)         8th Best AB Kitten

Ganoe(LH/SH)  6th Best LH Kitten

5th Best Kitten in show!

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